There has been a significant growth in recent years in the popularity of hot tubs and spas. Often sited on a patio area to the rear of the house and heated upto a very cozy 40oC these can become a well used piece of equipment throughout the year.

Although the ownership of a Hot Tub or Spa is becoming much more of the norm, provision of power to this piece of equipment should not be considered a standard installation.

Unlike normal garden equipment, hot tubs and spas require a clean 32 amp supply. This cannot safely be provided from your usual outdoor, splash proof IP44 rated 13 amp socket.

Being outside the equipotential bonding zone it is also imperative that the circuit is 30mA RCD protected and that this is tested by a competent electrician to ensure the RCD meets the required tripping times.

At Capper Shaw Electrical we are well experienced in the provision of power to Hot Tubs and Spas and have worked closely with Northwest Spas Ltd of Westbrook in developing an understanding of the equipment and their specialist requirements.

We have made the conscious decision at Capper Shaw Electrical to install equipment that far exceeds the minimum requirements as laid down in The IEE Wiring Regulations Sixteenth Edition for outside power supplies of this nature. Where possible we will only use equipment that is IP67* rated giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your hot tub knowing the installation is safe.

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*IP-Ingress Protection. Equipment rated at IP67 has been tested to ensure it is totally protected against dust ingress and protected against the effect of immersion up to 1m deep.